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D&D Jul. 5th, 2007 @ 04:38 pm

So, I played Dungeons & Dragons for the first time today... haha, sadly, it was with my family. I went out and got it yesterday due to me reading 3 or 4 comics having to do with RPing, so in the spirit of it all, I went out and got the Basic Game kit. Pretty fun. I enjoy it. My sister does too, and my little brother as well... however, my 17 year old brother doesn't quite care for it too much. He'd rather make fun of my grammatical mistakes and the likes =P

Anyways, the comic hasn't really been drawn lately, but it will be soon. I think tomorrow and the day after will be solely for advancing on the comic. Hopefully I'll be a week ahead by next update.

I rule, it's official Nov. 2nd, 2005 @ 09:34 pm
I have found out that I should be master of the known universe.

I joined gymnastics at school. I'm surrounded by steaming hot gymnast girls. Then, I signed up for gymanstics across the street and I become surrounded by steaming hot cheerleaders. I love how life is. I am road tripping during summer. Life is grand like WOAH!

Hahah I'm a fucktard Jun. 27th, 2005 @ 12:46 am
Well, after the last entry, I seem like a dumbass and a fucktard. Well, I got over it right after I wrote it. Believe it or not, I am serious. I realized I don't really care. I also realized that I should take more time to know the person I decide to go out with. So! For the time being, I am just hanging out with the guys and having fun. Because without fun, life is pointless...

Final Jun. 21st, 2005 @ 11:28 pm
I'm going to just keep it all to myself, no more "girls" no more "let's all hang out in a group", NO more "crushing". Fuck it... it's not worth it until college. I am going to a college FAR FAR FUCKING FAR away from here and starting anew with new people... then I will realize that all the girls in college are sluts... then I will live my life making others happy and never getting laid or getting married... Fuck... I thought I didn't care, but I truly do. This blows in ways I didn't think possible. Oh well... all I can do is make others happy... others.... never me.... *tears dropping

cont'd 2 Jun. 21st, 2005 @ 11:28 pm
Pisses me off that I wasted time... valuable time that could've been spent on something else... or rather, someone else. And supposively, we're supposed to learn from things like this... what have I to learn!??!? That some people lie to me and that I just have to go with it?? FUCK THIS!! It was the biggest waste of time that I've had in a LOOOONG time. I feel stupid for getting involved, I feel used... WHY DOES THIS FUCKING HAPPEN TO ME?!?!! Fuck it all.
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» cont'd
I blew it off immediately, it was going to happen anyways, and I already had seen signs that it was coming. FUCK ME! Why the hell does this shit happen to me? Why can't I find ONE FUCKING DECENT girl who will stay by my side longer than the lifespan of a fucking fly?? I didn't want to cry until now... don't even know why... pisses me off! So much time spent (atleast by me) on building this relationship, but from the beginning, Alisha wasn't open, and me knowing her for only a semester kinda didn't help either.
» Alright..
So, Alisha came back, and three more days went by before I could see her again. I saw her today. Anyways, that problem she had... it was that she still had feelings for JJ and that she was "unsure" about her feelings for me. Bunch of BS if you ask me, first she talked about not being sure, then she talked about her and JJ getting together and then he calls and they are all like "I love you" (not quite but almost) infront of me. We broke up... or rather, she broke up with me. 3 weeks and a day. What a record. *
» Grargh!!
I've been worried all this time because Alisha's had a problem that she won't tell me about. I wish I could help, but alas... I'll continue to see what I can do. She's been away for 10 days, and she comes back tomorrow at 9. I hope to see her and talk to her tomorrow. And I pray that all goes well.
» Final
So, now I write here as I wait for time to go by so that tomorrow may come around and I meet up once again with Alisha. The last time I see her in 11 days. She leaves on Thursday to Florida with her Church Choir. I will miss her a WHOLE BUNCH!! I will play two performances before she returns... they will be amazing for the sake of missing her. =Þ Oh well. So... tomorrow... I hope that all issues are resolved and that Alisha and I have a good time to keep in mind while we are apart. *sigh* her perfection and amazingness is unbelievable. Love her so MUCH!!!
» part 4
Well, we went inside, we (Alisha and I) saw her old yearbook, we played around with my glasses and our phones, then we decided to see Sound of Music. Near the beginning, Alisha was called with some pretty bad news. I hugged her to comfort her and we kissed for a bit... until my dad arrived. I left worried a bit (a lot) and then today came about... complete exhaustion. Camp, then the Patti quartet. OmG! Dvorak American Quartet gives me an awesome solo!! Love it!
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